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Wartune war stories!

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  • Wartune war stories!


    (Staring took place all around, today was the day)
    It started, the drama in a day or so, there i was eating some delicious, seasoned lamb with a knife and fork with a triangular napkin turned into a food cloth staring into the madness in front of me. The guy who was fussing was the strongest, not the weakest in the server telling the guild master he sucked. People cheering him on, making him even more bolder as he struck truthful meaning in the way he talked. Yes. The guild master was absent in the art of Tok and that was a taboo.
    I wonder, I really wonder what would he do to set this uprising into a submissive place. It is Wednesday night and this person the guildmaster is battle is the assistant guild
    master with a stern, "STEP DOWN FROM GUILD MASTER." from the assistant guildmaster this was the outcome of a final blow of which a mixed up, emotionally argument caused. The guild got quiet all around. The guild master told him he was sorry in an apolitical way to gain the trust of his guild-mates , but as his speech
    kept on going on we saw people yell out in world chat why the hell did the guild master kick them. He knew, he knew at this point the assistant was kicking people for a war, a war that was going to happen that Friday against a strong guild the number 2's. He quickly kicked the second in command but the damage was already done and he could see the sadness around him. As people fell asleep getting closer to the 23:00 mark the guild master cried on my shoulder to step up from being an officer into the assistant guild leader.

    Signing on they saw my title they knew I was the highest level but brr wasn't the strongest. So I set out on my steed to gather supplies for tomorrow battle with the strongest warrior joining the second strongest guild it made them the strongest guild. He did not only take his self but the desserts I found out the guild leader booted for whining about asking for a boot. So I took the road down to the conquest conquer to talk to a level 6 ranking guild who never was in guild battles. We talked about randomness about weather and such and later the deal was set up some of their players to join our guild. But the problem was we would have to learn INDO the art form of INDO. With INDO we can speak and have happiness with other players. So we started with the love of INDO. But mockery soon came from the strongest warriors and the mine bullies! "OH HOW DARE YOU, YOUR HEADS WILL BE HANGING HIGH ON THE WELCOMING OF YOUR DEATH."
    With these calls more people ask to be kicked from our guild. As a stewart of Zebq server and a follower of the Zebq-a-nights I seen this all before.
    So I screamed we are going to win! Now being the person with the title of most well received warrior. The battle was on Most received warrior vs the strongest warrior. As my eyes took me off to sleep

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    **grabs popcorn**

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    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
    Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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      the **** ppl come up to, to make this game interesting, LOL


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        i had to play the song again just to carry on reading.....
        300K ish BATTLE RATINGS

        NON CASHER


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          (sleeping next to the entrance of mines
          "What was that?" an officer said.I don't know I said. As we stared into the artificial yellow sky ;we saw the guild master screaming to everyone," TWO MORE MINS GET YOUR AS$Es IN READY FOR BATTLE"!
          At that minute I summon my crusader horse he had that glittered amore on his back that me stare off for a moment. Yes, I knew how I got him and he really needs to come to war with me today is that day as I ran to the shop to get myself some yellow defined juice from the local arena shop. I saw two other past guild mates standing there maybe watching me as I slowly approach them .I wonder to myself are they getting some of that yellow smooth juice too or are they in a quest in their head trying to gain some stones for some new gear? Who knows I told myself, no time as I threw the little bottle into my bag with the other colorful bottle assortments today was the day to win or lose. THE GUILD BATTLE IS NOW OPEN!

          Wow! Just 30 mins ago we were eating fruit in Tok and picking up strange mushrooms. This is how death looks up close this is the meaning of being a warrior! As I enter the BG they all called it. I was motivated by my friend top honor. He told me " Today is the day some people won't log on after this"
          I knew what he was talking about. It was an even playing field with top honor , top guild leader and me most received warrior and top warrior vs the Strongest warrior, top archer, top mage, the champ and Master Equestrian all equally wanting to share the blood in this exploit of egoist revenge, appetites and self smothering.

          DIE! Was the words in the yellow sky's in world chat I seen come from Balnors strongest warrior with his title shinning extra light! So I answer
          NEVER! As my title most well received came to others as an inspirational feat. My package started to blink as i check and found more roses inside. With this I thought would give me the up I needed to have friendship points with this. I relished my quest as a warrior, with this my combat skills is not as great as others in my server but I have what it takes to send people to the graveyard. So we started the plan to win. A plan that would come with everyone equal involvement so the ones shouting my we join guild battle I open the gate for them to come runners and all. This was war and no one was going to be left out. This was our place. As I told the weaker ones to guard the base in a slanted line format and 3 other strong go with me to take and some to go with the other strongest to receive. We were all lifted to high spirits.

          My horse jumped out of the gate with, top honor snow bear following me and two others ready for war. The other two was a girl and boy one with green hair and the other with a skirt she carried a sword. A warrior I thought. Let's make this happen! As we rode we saw an empty tower top honor ran before me and click it. I yelled " FOLLOW UP TEAM COME! OUR SIDE GET IT AND PROTECT IT!" I saw a leg put up on the side of my horse. It was a smooth operator, second to the throne of the roses he came with his pig. So we pushed off! As we rode to the middle into the other side bliss we saw another logo go into the sky as Tide both tower 2-2. I knew at this point a battle will come as i rode further a head. Coming up we saw six people coming towards us. I pull the green potion out and drank to get myself drunk before this battle ensues. However, a minion derailed me from my other three. As we went into a black void, back again into the light. I was there one vs one against a low level. Where was my crew? I told myself hopefully not in a 3 vs 4 battle. I threw an X on top of my head showing this guy I wasn't playing and was about bussines from the start. He threw an X on his head to. I flipped my cain out summon a meteoroid. "CATTTTTTCH THIS!" I SCREAMED! His mitten wasn't big enough so I crippled him to the point of no return. He slashed at me not trying to seal his fate with his sword and I blocked on the right moment throwing a fire ball. I heard him scream right in time his other fellow being showed up taking both of them to the grave. (To late I thought in my mind, to late) As I with threw a void, I soon found myself back on the road, the road of battle-a-lon. I saw top honor and the other two , but a guy with a lion try to touch me and and I ran back, to run forward and crossed over him to the side in random foot play to dodge his effort to get me. I soon was running in front to tag my other warrior mates. As I went into a few second darkness again. ( was this a dream)
          No! I am wake as I enter two guys were kneeling and the other one was battle hurt. It was 3 vs 1. So I threw some green magic on him to heal him as I stomped the ground. An Arrow hit my shoulder but my cain blocked some of it and then a sword sliced my side followed up by a fire rain storm which I was resisted too as me and top honor stood against the elements. He pulled out his arrow and shot two rounds, over the top of the head of the kneeling girl warrior (zoop zoop), as it connect to the mage in the back. He suddenly dropped. I had to take the other two out, but what was my choices. So I started to laugh and top honor begun to left too. If this guy like to make it rain from the sky I would light up my sky myself. We need thunder and lighting I supposed. So i froze up on my turn. As the other warrior came and slashed my partner sending him down. The opposite mage thought he knew what I was going to do and try to stun me. His stun in my eyes wasn't strong enough and I let the lighting light up his body as a beautiful Christmas light display shall be lit. As I saw him drop it was only me vs the warrior. I knew this warrior he was someone in the top 40. He was someone he held great power at one point in his wartune career. Someone I should take serious I told myself. He came at me with great speed and sliced my other side as my knees buckled from the vasectomy he was trying to give me. So i follow up throwing a fireball out of the tip of my hand like magician follow up with a fast bolt. He laughed thinking this was the end of me. With a deliper up my pocket. I stood him down. He came at me thinking he was going to finish me but my robe was ridden with ex battle marks with made my skin tough against physical attacks. He didn't finish me off , this was not the end of me.
          AS I GREW LARGER then a guy name mario who touched a mushroom one day as I let a delphic out to seal the deal.

          THIS WAS WAR! As we enter the after life back into the present we started to ride again to the next tower


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            Very creative story. This makes me wonder why someone with such creativity is playing wartunes in the first place/


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              tryed to read this story then had to stop the lack of structure, grammar and paragraphing lack off was too much... please dont do this again, please


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                somebody kill me
                let me cart. find someone else to help you suicide


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                  Please keep going.

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                    As we started to ride to the next tower. I seen a top ten strongest guy start approaching us before we could get to the other side two towers. I knew at that moment this was not a good set up with the two towers we needed held with massive enemies troops. We had four they had about 16 people defending the tower. Who were these other guys? F it all fall back I yelled. But the guild master yelled moved forward. Top honor listen he rode fast pace into the trap before him trying to snatch their flag up. I told the girl and the boy to come with me. We need more people. In my mind I knew top honor was outnumber as he screamed for us to help him in the battle. Their power levels were higher than our combined effort if we went in. We stood there we saw him vanished before our eyes. But not before the rest of our group came up behind us like a gang meeting up in a gang fight they flocked deeper than bright-red blood spit out at night time from a wounded warrior face.

                    To late for tears, because we will see him again, as two different guilds met up in a royal rumble of words and quickly drawn weapons pushed into a mixing bowl of battle. A swimming pool of of truth as the water streamed in fast .I ran in back of the line so they could push forward and pulled out my scroll and summon Inspiration.Inspiration to stand up and fight as crowd cheered for the rage to fight on as they heard me summon. They roared like lions mating in the season bush, they roared like tigers feasting in the trees at dawn, they roared like mother bears protecting her cub from other predators. As my eyes shot a look at the flag I wanted it. Come! I called to the top warrior in the game the defense he shared would protect the little ones it was so high we needed him in front of us. So we went in him in front of me, me and front of girl, and girl and front of boy n in a line towards the flag twinkling in our eyes as the battle ensued on both sides of us hoping not to get touched.
                    There he was top ten with his cronies waiting for us at the flag.

                    As the we warped into a time realm vortex. Here we were me ,top warrior, girl and boy faced off. Putting my hands together. No this time it will not be a X on top of my head I felt like an butt so I felt like going 1 - O. To be that *******
                    As I shoot out an skull damning them like a beaver with a tail thump. Their bodies shook from the encumbrance of blue smoke. Following my team of open threat first round with X'es on top of their head. The other Team Threw threats back as fingers and swords make curse gestures in a repeat manner x'es on their heads. They came Two of hit the ground with their swords and sliced through the ground hitting both me and my warrior friend I felt it the most as he stood steady as a rock. I knew at that moment my mage clothing wasn't much compared to his armored gear. What witch craft is this that the damage bruises me this heavenly I thought. The mage a top ten guy we knew of each other. Distant lvl 24 friends Neitherlands. He flipped his cain up and the ground shook with fire that hit all of us as we felt our bodies burn. The other mage we were expecting to do damage decide to heal with a X over his head. He healed the wrong person I thought.

                    The strongest warrior he told us don't worry he got this as he went quiet on his turn. Erm? The boy on our team jumped high over top of my head and shot some arrows at the mage that healed down below. As the mage dropped. We knew then that mage was weak he was a support cast member in this was a play made for main stream actors to play the parts. The girl warrior made a yellow bubble around herself. What a waste as I threw an X over my head I thought why defense now. The other team came hard again as the warrior on their team made me and archer boy buckled. Were we about to die? As we saw the meteorite come from the sky to hit me and him at the expense of the top ten mage. I heard him croak so now it was three vs three I assumed. As our warrior grew in size we all smiled knowing that 80% rage came at the right time. He stuck the other warrior with a blow that sending him to a wicked death of the shoe tying stance we all knew of.

                    Just then someone scream from our bigger massive battle the Strongest warrior at their tower. They need help. Yes I thought to myself. This couldn't be playing better than it is right now. With the strongest warrior going for our tower so deep in the back we can take this tower and go for the one below it. Capturing 3-4 if he takes that one slower than us all it would do is tie it back to 2-2. Being motivated everyone know the strongest would go for the ward afterwards . We knew how he the strongest played. He was once a guild-mate ,a friend, a powerful force and still was, but we knew about him. So the girl warrior let out a attack her second strongest and finished the other warrior. Now it was 3 vs 1 as the mage sent another attack that sent me down. It was two vs one but the strongest warrior attacked from out guild again and sent the mage close to the after life with the weaker follow up by the other warrior we captured the tower. Making it 3-1. Soon afterward it was 2-2 after the strongest person captured our toward in the process. We rode fast towards the tower below skipping over the ward because we want that 3-1 gap as soon as possible before the strongest returns to reconquer in a second round about. We couldn't have that so we gallop on
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                      Originally posted by Zeak42 View Post
                      Very creative story. This makes me wonder why someone with such creativity is playing wartunes in the first place/
                      amen. turn this **** off

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