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Amythist Mine PVP Question

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  • Amythist Mine PVP Question


    Simple question for you. I'm 1st server newbie.

    I understand double time and PVP in the context of getting amethyst from players that lose PVP battle with 60 or more in the cart when attacked. It was explained to me that they also get PVP points. At least that is how I understood it anyway.

    1) If I have no cart and am attacked and lose does the winner still get PVP points for the victory. If I have no cart does the winner get rewarded? If I win no cart do I get PVP? If they win and I have no cart do they get PVP?

    I've looked in the wiki and this forum cannot find the answer. Thank you in advance for your help.


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    No, the opponent will not get rewarded. The pvp points are only given in cross server events (battleground and cross server group arena). If you do not have a cart, and you are attacked, if you lose, the opponent gains nothing, and you lose nothing. If you win, then that player loses 10% of their amethyst (assuming they have a cart with more then 60 in it), but im not 100% sure if they do lose it, as it hasn't happened to me personally.
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      TY for the quick answer really appreciate your response!



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        TY for the quick answer really appreciate your response!


        sorry for double answer