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Someone explain how "Block" works to me.

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  • Someone explain how "Block" works to me.

    Alright, so I put on block to go with my 100% to heal 4% on "Dodge".

    I'm getting increased amounts of "DODGE" in the game which I'm assuming that's what "BLOCK" does.
    However I'm not receiving my 4% heal on all "DODGES" despite the word "DODGE" showing up.

    So does Block not really "DODGE" and that word comes up for no reason or how does it work?

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    That skill is broken. It's not 100% for some reason.


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      yes block is dodge and you need about 1000 rating for it to be good so get a astral and you can use it depending on the fight situation your in. say boss is magic you would use block astral and mdef astral .but say world boss you want to use mdef for 11am and 9pm boss and pdef for 4pm boss and some type of crit or increase damage astral leaving the block off to the side
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        and only time i notice i dodge and dont get healed is when i full hp already but i will look more into that
        Arguing on the internet is like running Something... Even if you win, you're still Loved


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          i'm also curious about this skill
          one thing i want to mention if not already mentioned, is that when you block several atks
          it only heals once.. did anybody else notice this too?


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            From what I tested 1000 block is like 10% block, tho theres a basic value (I think that 5%) for every char even with no block added, so 1000 might be like 15% block.

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              Block/Dodge does not activate on every dodge via multiple hits. It will activate once.

              Say you have the 100% dodge chance to get 4%. You get hit with multi-shot and dodge twice. You will only receive one heal.

              You will always receive one heal, per character turn dodge.


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                Testing my 650 block astral on WB. seems to make me dodge every 3-4 rounds