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Rule a new east coast server.

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  • Rule a new east coast server.

    Many but not all servers are basically ruled by some high casher, bullying players and they end up ruling the whole server giving no chance and hope for other players to play.Maybe we can rule the server but in a good way. Anyone willing to join me?Waiting till new server is being released.Please PM me if you are interested.We could maybe work together or something....

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    With every new server comes a new breed of cashers. They are still on their "whale hunt" and more servers are more opportunities to catch these whales. There will always be those willing to sink money into the game on the new server


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      But others with hope can bring them down right.


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        The only hope you can have is that they spend less than you, lol.
        East coast archer.


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          Originally posted by Krishna6488 View Post
          But others with hope can bring them down right.
          everyone is allowed to hope. we're here just to remind you that there are things that can destroy your hopes.

          also remember even if you managed to somehow rules the new server, you will still have to face other people from older servers. and i think it wont end nice for non cashers.
          Originally posted by Wraithraiser
          Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.