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Recharging - how are you doing it now?

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  • Recharging - how are you doing it now?

    With most of the places I was buying UGC online no longer offering them I've had to go back to Paypal. Paypal has its own detriment since Playspan bans you from using paypal after a certain threshold for a few days (i've seen weeks at times).

    So what you guys using to recharge now effectively?

  • #2 perfect for me...though I am not a big casher


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      I havent recharged in the last 2-3 months due to this problems, i used Skrill but i cant anymore due to "limit exceed", at least thats what i get from R2 billing department which i found it funny to put a limit on an account.
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        I'm in the US, when I go to recharge I don't get an option for skril?

        also playspan tells me to just use UGC for now, unfortunately everyone online that I bought through doesn't have them anymore or other vendors only sell stupid small quantities (in $s).
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