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  • Class Combo

    Keep it in mind for down the road....

    Say, you build up resources with each turn, and after so many turns you build up a combo meter that unleashes a skill that starts a combo chain.

    So, say a knight asks in group if anyone else has his combo chain up, and the mage says yes.

    Knight hits his combo chain skill and it shows his character charging up.
    Mage hits his combo chain skill and it links the two up.
    Now depending on what classes click into the combo, it determines the skill used and power.
    ike, example if a knight starts the chain and a mage clicks in, it may give some type of Fire Tornado AE attack.
    If the mage started, and the knight clicked in, it may give a combined effect of a type like suntoria and the knights group damage reduction.
    And to prevent other players from not being able to use their combo because the group doesnt want the skill it gives, each additional player would just increase the effect after the skill is determined by the first 2 joining in.

    So, this would need atleast 6 new skills.

    Just an idea to add more depth to combat and pve bosses.
    Cerden - Knight of Warlords on Edena Village