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  • Hercules skills

    for some of us it might still be far away, but im interested in which skills you are planning to get for hercules.

    Thunder Strike (30% Slow, 25s cd) and Shock Chain (-30% Mdef, 45s cd) look like must-have skills but have rather long cds. Naturally one would replace the weakest attacks with them. for most of us that would be Short Circuit and Thundering Strike(the basic 1sec cd attack), leaving us with: Delphic (45s cd), Flash Storm (45s cd), Jupiter's Wrath (8s cd) and the 2 new skills.
    except of jupiters they all have very high cds, so its possible we will run out of skills to use before sylph form ends. So i wonder if we should take Thundering Strike(1s cd) instead of Jupiter's or FlashStorm. Or maybe Jupiters + Short Circuit (15s cd) instead of Flash?
    What are your opinions?

    Edit: sry for doublepost
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    When I get my lucky rabbit's foot, evolved sylph and the balens for it... I'll probably aim for Thunder Strike (must have imho.. especially for a knight with the slow effect), Shock Chain, gonna be useful for PvP, delphic obviously, and the latter two idk, flash storm and jupiter's wrath seem like the best choice but I like the short circuit effect of hitting same column/row does come in handy at times, and like you said the 1s cd of thundering strike is good...

    The Razor passive would also prolong sylph mode in most cases so spamming skills isn't as possible unless you have TS.

    Decisions decisions...