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Evolved Sylph question.

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  • Evolved Sylph question.

    Does and evolved sylp get more slots to store active spells and passive skills?

    I was thinking if they dont people who had filled all slots both passive and active before evolving a sylph
    will have to gamble and hope new spells / passive skills replace the right "old spells" ?

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    evolved sylph wont have more slots. right now its like you thought and people who unlocked all slots before have to gamble and replace random skills... we heared from chinese wartune that they got an option to select which skills they want to replace but r2 did not add this yet... we could wait and hope they will give us that option soon, but it could also be like with skill/talent reset or inventory unlock costs. in chinese wt they lowered the costs but afaik we still have the old "voucher-costs" here.