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Unawakened Hercules is a Poodle

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  • Unawakened Hercules is a Poodle


    I am trying to imagine the conversation among the Wartune employees about what the new Hercules should look like when not awakened and following you around. Here's what I came up with:

    EMPLOYEE 1: Hey let's make it look like this awesome glowing electron or molecule or atom that circles the player's head!

    BOSS: Hmm...

    EMPLOYEE 2: Or wait, how about we make it like a lightning bolt that courses through the player's body as he moves?

    BOSS: Hmmmmm....

    EMPLOYEE 3: Hey, let's make it look like a blue poodle. Or maybe a chihuahua. That would fit the gaia motif perfectly.

    BOSS: You, sir, are a genius. I'm giving you a promotion.
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    The conversation is chinese of course cause they're the ones who decided it.