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Why sylph skills random?

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  • Why sylph skills random?


    Why are sylph skills random? There should be a selection like normal skills after you buy at least. I can understand paying for them but making them random exchange and then having to rebuy after you failed to exchange the one you want dodoesn't make any sense. I know most will say because r2 wants more money and I understand that reasoning but why not in the future make them so you can select the skills you have bought like skills you learned through lvl'ing. That way you can select which you want to buy and have permanently then switch out for ones you bought for changing situations.

    I also thought you could select which skills you wanted but after you upgrade that isn't the case.


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    I agree with this. Especially now with the new purple skills are out, this random replacement is a real money trap. We should be able to replace skills manually, and not have a skill replaced at random.
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      yes is totally ****..