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Question about tok

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  • Question about tok

    I'd like to know how are new ppl coming to the game or starting on new servers supposed to do tok, as a medium casher . Atm u cant even do a lame tok normal last level, which has not so nice rewards, with a team of 95k-100 k br (not noobs) and no they're never naked though that shouldnt even be brought to discussion. I'n my opinion and not only mine but all ppl i know tok needs a complete makeover from grounds up. It is beyond stupid the way it works, i mean hell u need for tok easy less than lvl 50 so u dont even have a sylph but u fight ppl with sylphs (Fluffy Pink thing) nothing makes sense in it. Soon, as BRs keep growing and the distance becomes bigger and bigger u will have reasonably heavy cashers spending a lot of dollars who obviously wont be able to beat the top 4/8 ppl from cross server if they dont take their gear off. From easy to nm it just doesnt make any sense (not to call it stupid development).
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    Agreed that ToK should be removed and all new servers should be given free EXP boost to make them level 50 immediately, to catch up with older servers.


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      expect Tok to be removed soon. That's easiest fix. It is an unfair event even to cashers as they get screwed with rewards when other cross server publishers keep stripping and theirs don't.