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    Originally posted by Arlad View Post
    a purple iris worth a blue + 1500 mahra, but do you really need another sylph? you said you already enchanted your current gaia and bought some skills, so a new purple gaia will be pointless.

    personally i would go get the purple sylph if i didnt already have a good sylph of it's element. i currently have a blue pan and green AQ unenchanted, so purple sylph of those elements seems like a good deal, especially for sylph arena team.
    The other sylph would be very useful in Sylph Arena and it would be a Iris


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      As Wraithraiser said.. get mara..would b better.. no point get another blue pet..mayb concentrate on 1 (gaia) for now to make it epic can help u in sky trail

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        Originally posted by Eyekillu2 View Post
        if u can be a lil patient, i'd suggest waiting..u will still collect free boxes from card engulfing, online rewards, more than likely stable event tomorrow, and clothing identification event next week. if after all those free attempts and mount still hasnt dropped for u, you'll be able to exchange for it and have a few extra medals left over for other exchanges. exchanging for mount now assures you of wasting 500 medals if u happen to get the mount to drop from one of the boxes later on.
        where do you got this info? do you know the requirements/rewards for it?
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          Originally posted by Ice_Ace View Post
          where do you got this info? do you know the requirements/rewards for it?
          most are aware of this event, just gotta know where to look. dont know requirements or rewards for it cuz as we learned from the resistance crystal synthesis event, r2 can nerf any published events to their choosing..supposedly, u identify clothing once to 5x for rewards of fashion shards, gold, god gift(s) or medal.

          grats to OP on getting mount to drop. exchange for what u like, either isnt a bad choice. my choice would be to grab the purple sylph.