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Star Tear Convertion? GOLD for enchant/ ID / astros....seriously....

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  • Star Tear Convertion? GOLD for enchant/ ID / astros....seriously....

    Hey R2,

    Why dont we have the option to convert Star Tear? i have a lot of them but not for my sylph, pls consider the option....

    Could you increase gold gaining ingame? Its not easy to keep up with high lvl cashers when u can hardly do one wb a day, and blow up 3m TRYING to ID a clothe.... pls increase the sucess rate or place a fix Price for the ID

    Wont even comment about the enchant for 80's gear... its extreme hard to save it, since we dont have a bank (or at least a guild bank) to save our Cash and be able to do the enchant when we can....

    Astros, with all the gold needed for ID's and enchants, are left aside... hope we could have other meanings to lvl them up, like Exchange loads of Things we dont use l8r on the game ( soul Cards, crypt tokens, even insignias, even better, the USELESS shadow cristals....

    Pls study better ways to optimize all this.... the Whole game community would love Things like this done....