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  • DIESLOW! An OG STORY IN A NEW SERVER to be number 1

    (Preparing to enter a new server)

    HERE THE HELL I AM! HAHA! They once told me through the great vine which is what the old yaggers called "Farums" players are scared to come to a new lands to learn new things they once said. As I slept this wonderful dream/nightmare my eyes begun to open. HAJJJELHU! It begins as I blew out smoke from my mouth to the darken skies above.
    Who shall I kill or who shall try to defeat me? These thoughts ran through my head as the boats kept going inching each and ever day towards the island/server which we would call our new home.

    To the naked eye this place seemed scary with many questions of the unknown lurking about. But to a veteran I been here before a few times before as I felt the warm liquid of a Newblet touch my fingers in the boat. This was nooblet musk with the smell of vingar as they wet their boat hugging pants. They leak liquid during this time of the season I thought as I removed my finger and shook it off in the distance wind. A nooblet was a player who did not know ,what he was going to get himself into as I pulled out my mirror. I examined my face the scar I received during my first outing at the mines as a nooblet, down to my silver locks, showing crystal like shivers as it gleamed down to my backside. I stood 6'7 a mage they might call me surrounded by these dark faces on this crowed boat. Some won't make it past the first day. This is what they called a west coast server. The typical I seen on the first day were the trash talker, the clown, the non-casher, the casher, the lever, the slow lever, the forgotten , and the champion. That latter was I a reowned champion as I looked at my scared up underside of a body to my nearly perfect views pictured in my mind a clear a day light shinning in a hollowed out volcanic top . What comparison can this be? This must be loved. IT MUST BE! As I screamed into the windy stormed out skies. As I weighed both of them as my imaged reflected off tthe old mirror I was holding. A past servers/island good luck charm. Maybe once I get there I will destroy a r2 vet who shouts out obsentieis to the world brightly displayed in an orange undertone on how to do things the best way; no their way. Yes! Haha! Societies way for the weak. As I felt my hands grip my staff. Suddenly a person lit a match
    Come ye maggot! Get your packing's and come with me.

    We went and stood over the boat to look at what was beneath us , it was dark water maybe miles deep into the beyond. He spoke with a wisp something of a stutter mix with a buzzing sound. He was much shorter than myself and looked like a maged on how the moonlight glisten of his bald head. It was not a unfamilar site which their are plenty of mages and archers but lack the support of warriors. I did not mind though, however, I thought how many other veterans were on these boats heading towards the new west island. How many had the goal to be number 1 like myself how many would stand in my way. I stared a wonderful stare into the moon
    as I peacefully laid my eyes to sleep on top of a nooblet. She was scared. I knew it was a woman by the humps under the fine linen of lvl 1 clothing they gave us. That how I like them scared. Yes, she might become an ally one day to me babyblanket, but my name is unkown for now my name as it stands is DunkardOC and I knew she wouldn't dare kill me in my sleep. She need a muslcar body to shield her from the wind.

    As I closed my journal part 0 of the west coast server delight, goodnight
    my book falls from my fingers
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    finish the other story first please.
    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
    Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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      Day one the race to the top!

      We reached the shore... As thump echoed in the wind. I shook awoke the nooblet girl. IT IS TIME! She stared at me. As I ran with my footsteps coming in a smooth after-tone like lighting and thunder as I leaped out of the boat over the other players under me! Into the the madness, into the first level. But instantly before my feet touched the ground to my new home , I look over my shoulder at the noob girl as she blew a kiss for the comfort, for the warmth or for the the body which I used to blanket her


      To be cont.. (Once server starts)
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        Originally posted by Arlad View Post
        finish the other story first please.
        I will because a new west coaster server is not out yet.


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          interesting and well written.....hope a new server comes soon....and it will lol


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            As I was leaping over the top of all the strangers heads, someone grab my leg and swung me down. I knew at that moment I had to get up running as I ran in the pack of dark faces, and hidden looks we all were consider strength in numbers. We knew not all of us will make it and the best thing we could do is stay in these little pockets of people hordes while fighting into the enemies in the wild to make it tamed.

            Why couldn't I speak? Was my mouth shut close? No the sign told us that the server was protected by blabbering until level six. What was level six? But before I could think back I saw myself fighting bears, goblins, wolves, and now I got in a place where I was being recruited into a guild. Before I could start the leader Ovvy the "guild master" and the strongest called Mageoftime welcomed me. They wanted to let me and any other new person they were here for the people and they wanted to have shops that would support our goal and a chamber to help us get to our goals.


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              Fast forward of the story here I am the strongest and the lady i found was called theonlyone.
              The End


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                I Demand more stories this instance, also good luck with your server

                +1 for taking your time into writing this
                300K ish BATTLE RATINGS

                NON CASHER


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                  bumped for the people in the server.