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What do do with gold after you have max of the thing ?

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    Originally posted by Caballero1321 View Post
    I would love if I only could. But enchanting 80 pieces is too expensive, so I haven't worked on astrals for weeks.

    A friend with 490kish astral value still finds many ways to spend his gold and always has too little of it
    Yea, if you're not in a super guild that wins GB all the time you would have to spend up to 600,000 gold on Guild Wheel/Alter.

    Ways of spending Gold

    Astral - if you don't have all level 10 astrals, keep on spending
    Guild Wheel/Alter - up to 600,000 gold spend into this every day
    Enchanting - level 80 set is said to cost up to 8 million gold per enchant (maybe more, I donno...)
    Talents - if you're not at cap, keep on spending
    Identifying Cloth - if you're unlucky, you'll just be dumping gold into air


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      Enchanting lv80 gear costs roughly 90 million gold total. Multipy that by 8. Astrals to lv 10 takes a lot of gold. All clothes identified takes a lot too, even if you're super lucky and get it in the first try. If you have everything max, you can always level new astrals to try a new build. Even with my lv8 weak astrals I'm still levelling a new one to try something different. I don't imagine that will change ever.
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        Originally posted by anichaos View Post
        Enchanting - level 80 set is said to cost up to 8 million gold per enchant (maybe more, I donno...)
        95M enchanting + 3M to synthesize an item, so 784M gold to fully enchant 8 items


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          if you're not maxed on EVERYTHING, untouchable on your server, and you don't sweep Class Wars month in and month out, then you need gold.
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