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What's going on with the World Boss ?

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  • What's going on with the World Boss ?

    Server : S5 Roaring Wetlands

    For the second day running during World Boss Ragnoch, the top player was around 1 million damage, and the 10th player was around 850k, when a character named "Esther" suddenly jumps into the 2nd spot from absolutely nowhere ?

    Is it feasible that a player could be on less than 850k damage, e.g. not in the top 10, then suddenly hit 150k damage to jump to 1 million damage and the 2nd place ???

    What on earth is going on here ? Or is R2Games just inserting "bot" players to stop genuine players winning ?

    Had this been one day, I might have thought it was a bug ... but two days running ?

    Anyone else witnessed this ?
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    balen revive??
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      Whats going on is strong players using balens to revive on the spot and double hitting providing massive damage in a go. This allows players to jump ahead of one another really quickly. Some people I see run 15k dmgx2 hits in a single turn and have 4-5 turns to do it.


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        I think that position table is broken , every time i see my self in top 10 but aftter boss died in the end writes 14-16 spot.... So only watching my dmg and dont care what position table writes