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Arena shop angel & Trade and evolution

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  • Arena shop angel & Trade and evolution

    LoA look well after their pay to play customers i give you credit for that - but what bout the rest of us ?

    with new angels coming around more frequently - it been a while since a new angel made a show in arena shop i am sure i am not the only person who has more angel tears than i know what to do with since all my other angels are maxed out at the moment - is there not a possibility of at least bringing out one or 2 new angels for the arena shop as well ?

    Trade: how bout a option to trade between people - coin angel tears and maybe even troops and gear that you don't use or don't use anymore ? few or a lot of peeps leave servers and quite the game were they could have traded their good with other peeps before they left the game

    Evolution: Hero's AKA troops as well as mounts and angels ... this is one i don't get it takes some peeps some time 100 or more less bless stones to evolve the same troops as other peeps same with mounts and mostly angels 7* take one person 3000 and the next 3500 - 5000 just to get his/her angel to the same evolution level as another person ... cant you peeps perhaps set a standard or a cap on the differences instead having the levels / evolutions being like a sea saw ( unbalanced )

    anyhow thanks for all the hard work you peeps put into this game -

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    wow awesome story.
    have you read the game section?
    this is wartune, dude.
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