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Load, Aim & Shoot??? HOW???

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  • Load, Aim & Shoot??? HOW???

    When in Battle, even against players with lower level and lower level troops, It seems some of them know how to load, aim & shoot their skills.

    However I click on the skill, wait forever, and then it goes any direction it pleases. I believe this gives me a bit of a disadvantage.

    Is it my imagination of is there a way to load, aim & shoot. ANd secondly, would you please share it with me.

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    I'm guessing you're an archer. Archers have almost no control over what target we hit. If your opponents are appearing to hit you each and every time they are getting lucky, or they have the Deep Freeze or Armor Piercer skills. Those skills will hit a rear enemy every single time. Every other skill will hit random enemies, and you just have to hope that it's the right one.
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