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Wartune log in bug

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  • Wartune log in bug

    So Wartune would continue Cupcake its players but will not never accept that there is a log in bug prevails in by I want to know how many of you are effected by this bug.....

    well we all know that only a tiny fraction of players come to forum regularly...but still I want to see
    1. Yes Very much...on the verge of quit bcoz of it
    2. Yes some what...but I am been able to play..on & off
    3. Not at all.....

    The poll is expired.

  • #2
    if your vote is in 1 or 2 option plz leave your in game name and server name.....



    • #3 now i also want to know who are all those who have never been effected by this bug.....PLZ MENTION UR SERVER N IGN IF YOU VOTE FOR OPTION 3


      • #4
        Voted at option 3

        Server :S187 Fel Reach
        IGN: Levi

        The Magic is Within Ourselves


        • #5
          So far 7 votes only


          • #6
            agreed wartune log in bug cupcake all players.. i was in my living room ***** came and log in then cant log in wartune R2&Y$!#^* pay 1000 ballens chase game but no leave behind... pay 1000 ballens could have bought cheesecake to eat in living room but ***R2 games cannot log on


            • #7
              Hello my friend i had not found nothing usfull on the web for you, since is only on that server seems to be on R2side only... please post the link to the thread where you were duscucing this first so maybe more peeps read it and learn something usefull for them and at the miracle limit someone has an idea that works... idk something like sending a court notification for demanding them for robing you (in case you made a recharge and they do not let you use your hero) for them to take you seriusly, is cupcake to know that term of use tell that the hdro we use and pay for making stronger do not belong to us but R2. But somehing could be done, idk. Colectives damands has better prob in court.
              R2-S426 Redwicky (merged)
              Archer Linkoneusc
              Legion Guild



              • #8
                6 hours of waiting and still not able to log in.....♥ you r2.........i hv paid you and this is how u treat paying customers...i wish i hv not invested...i would leave this ♥ game right now
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                • #9
                  I use to LAG like Hell 7-8 Month ago but after that they fixed all and game work like charm. Never cleared my cache in last 6 months still so smooth and lagless
                  got not high performance computer, nor high speed internet. just a normal and working fine
                  I'm Cupcaked ! My Account got hacked and some cupcaker sold every thing. Blah !!!
                  and R2 Not helping with restoring the account. Sweet, This is what i put tons of money here .


                  • #10
                    Option 3

                    IGN and server number in signature


                    • #11
                      wow...that shows why R2 is so neglecting about this bug..most older servers are fine.....only the recent servers are r2 having millions of user..dont care about thousands.....SAD.... btw i missed yesterdays and day before yesterday full this bug is actually keeping me much behind of all those who can log in.....


                      • #12
                        IGN Linzz
                        Server : S384


                        • #13
                          The maintenance last week has left laggy transitions from one dungeon level to the next. It's not a problem so much for me as it is my guildies--I've had to wait 10+ minutes in MPD for one of them to load. I can't complain about the login screen itself.
                          IGN: Swinella
                          Class: Mage
                          lvl: 80
                          BR: 600k-ish+sylph+Useless kid
                          Server: Kabam s79
                          Completely free player. No VIP.