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sylp upgrade

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  • sylp upgrade

    hello guys,i want to ask many mahra i need to have a blue sylph?i mean from white one to blue one...i have 117 mahra,is enough?

  • #2
    15 mahra from white to green, green to blue about 150 mahra, 1500 mahra from blue to purple so you need 165 mahra


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      thx,damn i have just 127 mahra,but with 200 bound balens i can make it?what u thing?


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        well the balens u need 39 balens for every upgrade its not 1 balens for everyone, just get the mahra from the event if u do the stuff daily you will get more than 60 mahra in 11 days!


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          well u could also get lucky if you use 20 altogether kinda like mounts.i got from white to blue with only 100 mahra


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            Originally posted by Razvan89 View Post
            thx,damn i have just 127 mahra,but with 200 bound balens i can make it?what u thing?
            No real need to hurry and pay balens for sylph unless you need 20 or less mahra for next blue star and above.
            So far in monthly events we get 30 mahra for non-cashers and you can get more mahra from horns.
            Plus you get blessings while using mahra (like therion blessing in whips) which actually cuts down cost white->blue to about 140-150 mahra if you are lucky

            My advice: You can get enough mahra without bb, so spend them on something else.


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              actually you need less mahra because of the blessing. I usually use 15% less mahra so 140 mahra might be enough. It depends on your luck with blessings, I believe you have higher chances if you use 20 at once but havent test it


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                the problem is,i play on serv 484 and there is a event..exp in 2 days..if i make my sylp blue one i can get 200 mahra


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                  ok try it out with luck hope you the best to get your blue sylph and 200 free mahra