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Spire "almost beaten"

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  • Spire "almost beaten"

    today we killed 23 lvl of spire and reached final boss till the chinese vids showed us..which is pan...4 electro pets against wind is not a good combination...

    Click image for larger version

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    bosses can be dfed and they seem to not its kinda easy but they have huge hp pots and stupid 21 with that massive bleed (135k ticks for 2-3 turns) is a pain... but anyway we are close beating that aspect again
    Originally posted by TheVictorious
    Is this "soon" like additional spot in farm or homestead? :P
    Originally posted by PunkPetal
    Did same to me, is embarrassing when u tthrow everything but the kitchen sink, and they sit casting rof
    Originally posted by EdGrr
    A life of frustration is inevitable for any player whose main enjoyment is winning and staying at the top.
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    3 front,lol does 21,22,23 hit that hard?lol


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      @Zeref is that a real question ?

      @Dante Grats once again soon or later you guys will do it.


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        nope,fake question


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          big grats!


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            Too bad no like button in here like in facebook. good job and report it asap when you cleared it :P


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              Originally posted by R22991065 View Post
              Too bad no like button in here like in facebook. good job and report it asap when you cleared it :P
              actually, we do have it. see the tiny star on the bottom left of each posts? try click it sometime.
              Originally posted by Wraithraiser
              Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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                I'm sorry but "almost" is not good enough
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