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Change needed for Jackpot, nobody EVER ranks daily

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  • Change needed for Jackpot, nobody EVER ranks daily

    You need to change the scoring of Jackpot, as nobody EVER puts any gems into it, nor does ANYBODY ever rank a score more than 30.

    As such, nobody ever has any motivation to do anything on it except the basic 30 free draws, since it costs way too much to spend to get higher points, AND nobody can get anything higher than a 30 with the draws.

    This game needs to be improved, either improve the chances of getting higher scores, high enough that people will actually start scoring high enough to qualify for a ranking each day...

    OR the basic points you earn from the 30 draws needs to be improved to change the game.

    As it is now, it is pretty useless.

    And when you have to use over 500 refining stones just to get a single instance of improvement in your items, this game is pretty useless to everybody.

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    why are you posting about LoA in Wartune's forum again?

    mods, move this thread please (and delete my posts once it moved to loa's forum).
    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
    Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.