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clothings: synthesis and identification

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  • clothings: synthesis and identification


    I am an almost non-casher, so my clothings are really scarce. But I am interested in improving them for identification purposes. I hope I can explain myself more or less clearly

    For instance. I had bought blessed angel wings. I used 3 fashion cores to upgrade to lvl 2, and I obtained sky elven wings, lvl 2. So in my dressing room, now I have blessed angel and sky elven wings. I thought I now had blessed angel wings lvl 1, and sky elven wings lvl 2. However, if I unequip my wings and go to clothing synthesis, there are only one wings there lvl 2 (it doesnt matter which wings I unequip, once I unequip one of them, I cant equip the other). So what I understand is that in fact I only have 1 lvl 2 wings, but 2 different styles of dressing myself, is that correct?

    And same for all my other stuff. I have synth lvl 2 for the only weapon I had. And now I have 2 styles. But if I try to unequip both weapons, I cant. I can only unequip 1 weapon, and in clothing synthesis, I always see just 1 lvl 2 weapon, but not 2 of them

    To summon up: if I upgrade my wings (or anything) from lvl 1 to lvl 2, I only have 1 wings lvl 2 but 2 styles and not 2 different wings? If I want to identify more clothes, I just have to buy more for store or who it works?

    thanks a lot in advanced, and just let me know if I explained really badly or if you understand what I mean (I checked the guide for clothings, but I couldnt understand what I am asking here)

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    When you synth and the wings (or other clothing item) changes to a new "look" you can equip both looks, but you only have ONE of the item. It's called a "dressing room" and was implemented shortly after I started I believe. Any "Style" that you come across while synthesizing (whether you fail and it changes, or succeeds and it changes.. is saved so that you can make that your "look" if you so choose to).

    To summon up: Yes, you only have 1 wings lvl 2 but 2 possible styles you can wear.


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      ok, and if I want to get lvl 3 wings, what would be the next step? I suppose:

      buy wings of a different look to the ones I already have
      in this way I would have the previous lvl 2 wings (2 looks) and one wings of lvl 1 (the ones I just bought)
      use fashion cores with the recently bough lvl 1 wings and upgrade to lvl 2
      now I would really have two lvl 2 wings to synth my lvl 3

      is that correct? It would be the same for everything: buy new weapon/armor/helm, and in that way I would have my current lvl 2, and a new lvl 1 to synth

      and other thing: if I get a new clothing from hot events, in that way I would have my current lvl 2 clothing, plus another lvl 1 clothing, right?



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        Pretty much, yes. You don't "have to" buy a different look, but I (and most people) do just because it can be fun to have a whole dressing room full of clothes .

        2 lvl 1 wings = 1 lvl 2 wings
        2 lvl 1 wings = 1 lvl 2 wings

        2 lvl 2 wings = lvl 3 wings (I think you need some good luck charms too? to make it 100%, I don't recall though.. maybe someone else can give you a more solid answer).

        Yes it gets very costly the higher you go up in wings / clothing.

        Yes if you get a clothing from hot events (or wings) it will be level 1