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Big bunch of idea's here

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  • Big bunch of idea's here

    Hello R2 i've ran across tons of idea's to make this game even more interesting

    As for the first, Adding the same amount of exp as daru and gold on the world boss attempts, would be nice

    For the second, i would love to see more stuff added to the voucher shop, like 5-10-20 stamina potions, since after all we have 20 campain attempts and without stamina potions you wont ever reach it :P

    For the third, adding exp to monsters in the wilds would be a great motivation aswell to do them actually, would love to see exp added to that.

    Fourth, for the farm, disabling of seed timers for outsiders, as in that they cannot see how long there is left on your seed, because seed hunters are really lame, some seeds costs balans wich i sometimes buy, so if someone hunts for that when they just riped is really a stab in the belly, that would be a nice thing aswell to add

    As for the fifth, more VIP daily's would be great, the amount of your VIP level in daily's so lets say i'm a VIP 3 so i should have 3 VIP daily's, that would also be a great improvement to the game

    Seventh, Locking out Patk gems for Mages and Matk for Archer and Knights, same goes for the astrals, it should be able to be done, it would surely make gem boxes, catacombs and bg chests alot more interesting to get and aim for

    Eight, A trading system ingame to trade unbound equipment with other players

    And as last for now, Adding more daily's or improve the daily's like the Shadow Crystal quest, that one levels up and gives more exp the higher level you get, would be great to see that with more daily quests aswell, or add a couple of more daily quests, either way should work

    That was all of the idea's for now, i really hope you look seriously into these suggestions, i'm pretty sure almost all players will agree with these suggestions, it would greatly improve the game as great as it already is,

    Thanks for reading and im looking forward to a reply

    - VIP Stacy 47 Knight (s3) Worg Lair -
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    All suggestions are taken, thank you sooooo much for supporting us. Appreciate.
    Ok, I'm muted, so.... please use sign language.


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      Thanks for the quick reply I hope something great comes out of this



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        Hi there Ms. Stacy...nice I see that some of ur suggestions are for VIPs, I like how the game goes exp for WB and no exp for monsters in the Wilds, for me its great...I dont really like to lvl up so fast...and there are also players that I know who dont want to lvl up fast...hehehe...

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          wow gr8 ideas i like them lol
          would help us to not feel bored ^_^



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            Thanks for the feedback


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              Bumped it up before it dissapears