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    Why do knights have the lowest crit rate out of all the classes? I understand archers have extra crit built into their skills, but mages have a much higher crit rate than knights do. If a knight and a mage of same lvl and have the same crit stat, the mage will crit drastically more than the knight. Will destroyer is basically useless at a certain level, but with knights horrible crit rate there is no other option. So knights are basically left to deal minimal damage compared to the other 2 classes.

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    mages have same crit\ as knights, they must not have same stuff ie. refines, gems, astrals, sc lvl... you better take a closer look


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      From where you've gotten the idea mages crit more than knight? give exmaple please?


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        Maybe he's just seeing more crits from mages because of their aoe? RoF may have more crits than slasher...but 2/8 < 1/1.

        Regardless, is likely just ancedotal and no real trend.


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          XD so untrue mages crit less then knights i have same crit stat as a knight and the knight crits more then me
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            you probably should try and tweak your other stats such as patk, pdef, mdef, matk, hp, block, charisma such that it will get the best crit rate out of your current crit value. Those mages that crit more than you probably found a good ratio while yours is probably far from ideal resulting in your low crit rate.
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