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God's Descent...

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  • God's Descent...

    Anybody know anything about the gameplay?
    Should i bother trying to do well or will it just be another archer-fest full of deep-freeze and 1-hit KO bosses where survivability counts for nothing?
    Are the rewards based on current server or cross-server?
    Does rage carry over from battles (like in BG) or does it get reset(like in TOK)?

  • #2
    Bother - yes
    Your server only
    No idea, assume its just like sky trail in that aspect.

    You have 30(?) mins to kill a boss, HP won't regen in that time blah blah blah you kick its *** and get free ****... simple.


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      Is it slow-immune? Does it enrage?


      • #4
        Not slow immune on our server... and it does enrage, so it's a dps rage yet again. (according to symedia)