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2x and 1x EXP

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  • 2x and 1x EXP

    This is **** can R2 make this as optional to player who don't want exp and does who badly need exp..... it ****** ruins the plan to level up late and complete what those players who planning to stay long in certain level....

  • #2
    True, they should have an event for 1/2x and 1/3x exp too


    • #3
      even if they help 1/2, 1/3 or so on.... they should put it as optional..... it's ******ng ruining the plan to stay for long and complete want to want to complete....


      • #4
        deal with it if you dont like the double exp dont do stuff in that time simple as that..


        • #5
          i've been dealing with it for a long time that why i'm creating this thread so R2 would know...... they always mess up everything.....


          • #6
            there is no game in the world whose purpose is for players to lvl camp. if u lvl camp then thats ur fault
            there are games out there with triple and even quadriple exp. be glad wartune doesnt have those.


            • #7
              that's why i'm suggesting it to be optional..... i'm not saying to remove it completely....


              • #8
                atleast remove the rested xp or add option to remove rested xp
                Class:ARCHER (Playing on US West Coast)
                Level:64 (Camping)
                RFCamping: Dont have much time
                Battle Rating:100k+ and counting
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                • #9
                  if VIP offers that Feature which you can manage what comes in and what comes out, I'm willing to pay for that but nah...
                  "if you're going to give me something which i dont want to, im not going to pay for that".. -reason why im not a casher
                  I Quit, if you wanna ask regarding to any of my thread or post, i wont answer you.
                  and do me a favor, downgrade my reputation. Im done.