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zoom out for wild map

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  • zoom out for wild map

    will there be zooming out for wild ?

    also pvp area might be nice

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    I don't think so as they are trying to be more of a, surprise scrolling.

    They want you to actively move around to find things. Although they could do well with the spacing issue.

    I honestly wouldn't mind a slight zoom'd out screen. Its fairly close to not being able to see much.


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      Will there be zooming out for wild? - not a bad idea a little zoom would be nice not to much so you can zoom out and see the whole map but a little bit so you can cover abit more of the map at once as some of the higher level maps it can take a long time to find even 1 city because there is so a huge gap between citys ,

      Also pvp area might be nice - a specific area where you can just go to pvp would be nice. would be more fun than just going into duel, also you can pvp in the wilds if you see someone running near you hold X and click the running player, and presto now you can battle them, a little bit of fun while plundering citys or hunting daru pearls.