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Guild officers/rank buffs,rewards.

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  • Guild officers/rank buffs,rewards.

    I have often encountered the issue that aside from the same benefits of just being in the guild sometimes my members just don't seem motivated to have any more responsibility to help improve the guild in terms of management..The solution I thought of is to create some benefits to having rank in the guild obviously proportion this to the age and rank of the guild and this will breath life into even the smallest surviving guilds. I recommend making it also a tenure driven benefits so You don't have any nonsense of people creating decoy guilds for quick benefits to help them overcome an event/enemy. I'm seeing that other games even League of Angels is already doing this, why not Wartune?

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    Wartune obviously was created by very clever people.
    It has gone to hell in a hand basket since then in my opinion and is being maintained/upgraded by people who are clueless - in my opinion.
    Its a shame. It has potential, that is being wasted.