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how did i banned in this game...

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  • how did i banned in this game...

    my server is Temple of Ibalize...
    my character name is erikben30
    level 39...
    my clan is Immortals...
    what is the best thing i do...

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    It will help alot to file a ticket here with your concerns.
    Ok, I'm muted, so.... please use sign language.


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      what is a ticket...
      it will help me...
      without paying anything...


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        A ticket is a request for support. Clicking the link in Coco's post will take you to this page:

        Fill out all of the information, making sure to use a real email address (that's where your ticket number will be sent so you can access the ticket again later), and explain what your issue is as clearly as possible. Then, wait for a reply, which you will get in your email inbox.
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