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Should i switch server?

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  • Should i switch server?

    Hi guys,

    I belongs to GMT+8 Timezone. Approximately 2 weeks ago, i started out in S12 (PDT) as a Mage. Ranking-wise, i'm not necessary the Top 10 but i'm at least within the Top 20 for Solo Arena; and able to clear Catacomb up to Lv50 (Ranked top 5 for Catacomb).

    However, for the daily events, (3 World Bosses, 2 Arenas and 1 Battleground), i'm only able to take part in 1 World Boss on each weekday. For Arena and Battleground, i could only attend them during weekends. Initially, it doesn't pose any real problem because im a rather active player (Able to farm Lv20 full pve sets +9 and Lv30 pve sets +12). However as times goes by, i find myself lacking in sufficient insignia to get the Lv35 pvp sets as well as the required honor for me to progress on (Lv45 pvp sets require "Champion"). Thus ultimately, i feel that im going to lose out in long run.

    Balen-wise, i've only purchased the initial $5 Balen package, so i dont really feel remorseful for losing that xD And, due to a difference in 15 hours, i don't really have many friends in S12 / not sociable. This is due to my active timing, there's practically no one online in my guild despite it being one of the Top 3 guild of the server.

    As such, i was considering to switch to the upcoming new server, S25 (GMT). For this new server, i'm able to to participate at least 2 world boss and 1 arena on daily basis. (Participating in all events during weekends)

    However, my concerns came when several of my friends / findings in forum, told/informed me that the newer servers lacked sufficient players, thus it's difficult to find guild members, enough players for higher level MP Dungeon, Group Arena kept repeating the same few groups, barely 100 players for world boss, etc etc. Hence, it feels like the new servers are literally dead servers.

    Thus, i seek all of you guys' opinion, if i should switch server.

    (3 days more till s25 opens...)

    I sincerely appreciate any opinions and thanks alot!
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    You could check out the new server, before jumping into it fully and see if it's really that bad with player amount on that server, but it's a tough call.


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      Yes, you can always play both servers, too. Divide your time until you feel which is a better fit for you.
      Cerden - Knight of Warlords on Edena Village


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        thanks for the advice guys... i prolly will play both servers, since im not exactly a very experienced player. S12 can still serve as my testing ground for higher levels =)

        s25 ill be able to avoid some dumb mistakes like wasting crypt keys earlier in the game... =X