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Evolved sylph skills : is this how it work ?

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    Originally posted by ArnaudBo View Post
    (fictional story)

    "Shock gaia seems great... -30% mdef, will buy it
    "damn, i lost delphic"
    "will buy it back"
    "damn, i lost Jupiter"
    "will buy it back"
    "damn, i lost shock gaia"
    "ok... i'm back at the beginning"

    result : ballens spent for NOTHING
    lol. Seen ppl with new skills in arena and bg. Wonder how much they've spent on that.


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      Originally posted by dukec2 View Post
      or you could have not bought 5 skills knowing you would have to go through this and left an empty spot for when you had acess to evolved skills
      Yeah, because R2 did such a great job explaining how their system was going to work when sylphs came out. It's basically left to the players to waste their money figuring it out, then hopefully communicate to the rest of us.



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        R2 based their sylph skill system in the original wartune in China, since they are just franchised platforms I don't know if they have the right to change the way the system is programmed. Well for now the system favors R2 itself.

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