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S4 Needs Server Merge

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  • S4 Needs Server Merge


    We are in need of a server merge in S4. There are basically 2 active guilds, and the rest are mostly voids (dead guilds with very few active players).

    There is one top guild with most of the top players, our guild (some top players), and then the other guilds are increasingly dead. The top guild is more than twice our Guild BR, and there's just no motivation to keep the GBs "alive", as there's the same scenario pretty much plays itself over and over.

    We would appreciate your consideration as GBs are mostly and increasingly played out every weeks as we know exactly how it's going to end over and over again.

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    R2 should merge s4 with my server s180 that would be awsome we have alot of trouble finding party for nirvana nm o and btw we are west coast server also