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New Criteria for Merging Servers

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  • New Criteria for Merging Servers

    I think R2 should implement a new criteria for merging servers.
    As I understand it, at the moment it is based on number of accounts logging into server, so people with alts make it lopsided.
    My suggestion would be to base it on GB.
    If the Friday GB between top 2 on server lasts less then 20 mins then server should be considered dead and merged with another.
    Reason for this is it shows that there is not enough people to make it a competitive server.

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    This is just not going to work.

    On my server, the top 2 guilds are both ranked in the top 16 x-server for guild strength, yet the GB on a friday still only lasts around 12 mins.

    Yet the 3rd and 4th placed GB on a friday can sometimes last around 40mins, due to there being about equal numbers on both sides participating.


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      It is the same on our server the 3rd and 4th place will go all the way because they are evenly matched. They have 2 people turn up for battle each!!


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        That wouldn't work. The longest GB that my guild has is on Wednesday against the third ranked guild. Even then, they are normally all under 20 minutes. As sad as it is to say, put a young server with a server that is over 1 year old and more people will quit because of the large gap that would be impossible to overcome. That alone is probably why more servers are dying.


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          We don't really waste much time in gbs except for Fridays.
          mondays gb- 3-7 mins
          wednesday gb 4-9 mins
          fridays-15-30 mins