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Beefing up Resource Recovery Officers

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    If someone has Lord Divine, he/she can go forward to carting. You'll not need to attack anyone, wereas you'll have to wait for someone to do the attack whilst cartine(your choice though)... I also agree with the other person, the rewards in the chest are not worth the effort...


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      On EU servers I often meet a few people (180k+ BR) who join the GB just to keep spawn killing the RRO.
      The RRO is dead nearly all the time. When I see one of those, I immiediately leave the BG.


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        It's kind of unfair to those who want to cart... But there's nothing we can do about it, except that the RRO is made strong enough...

        I've also noticed that we have a lot of strong people who play on Kabam...


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          Originally posted by rangelaeyes View Post
          How about when they die 7 or 8 times in a BG? so 7 or 8 minutes out of 25? The likes of Carnal aren't going to stop unless they're given a reason to.
          This is Carnal. Gilligan is the only player in bg ever smart enough to figure out how to make me not kill the rro. He asked at the beginning nicely so I didn't do it during his bg. Cursing, threatening, insulting will only ensure that I will either kill the rro 5 plus times for fun and spawn camp in between or tie up the big cashers making them hunt me in an attempt to get me to stop. The way I see it either is a win. So either cry more or learn how to ask nicely.