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A Question Please.

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  • A Question Please.

    Hello All

    In a humble and respectful manner, I'd like to ask this question.
    Yesterday, I accidentally clicked a green quest and it made me level 60.

    Please please please, Is there anyway I can make my complete 60 pve gear without leveling too much?


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    Do moon NM/normal whatever your BR allows, finish first two bosses, get loids/stones, tell your team you're leaving and to invite you back. You finish last boss, don't get the large EXP amount, and everyone happy. That's one way at least of limiting the exp gain without missing out on much.


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      When your server is 6 months old you can trade in your arena gear for a full FREE level 60 PVE set! Equipment exchanges when they happen will be in hot events.


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        Originally posted by Mr.RobertSon View Post
        Hello All
        Please please please, Is there anyway I can make my complete 60 pve gear without leveling too much?
        Yes there is Easiest way ,
        Collect of Tons of inisignia, and wait for the Event where you can Exchange your PVP gear for PVE gear . and then get all 4 Level 55 PVE gear and exchange it for Level 60 PVP. in that way you don't need to do any mpd and you can enjoy the Slow leveling.
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          you can buy the loids with insignia from arena shop
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            Thank You So Very Much All


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              Don't forget to buy legendary stones from the Guild Shop as well.
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                Thank You Very Much Esme


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                  step1 : get insignia from gb/tok/whatever.
                  step2 : buy crystaloid in arena shop.
                  step3 : synth the crystaloid into lvl 60 gear set.
                  step4 : ????
                  step5 : PROFIT!
                  Originally posted by Wraithraiser
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                    Keep putting exp into talents and holy seal, and yes, leave before doing last boss, enter only for key runs depending on what level you're wanting to camp, if it's <65 then you're gonna have to be patient!


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                      Please I have another question.

                      I have been slow leveling for quite some time now, and there are so many fun parts of the game that wants me to level up.

                      Should I still stay at level 60 and get all the sets or should I level and still get the sets?