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  • -.-"

    I swear every game I play or have played I revert straight back to wartunes its like the only thing that keeps me up and about T.T

    League of Angels-bored the fudge out of me

    Crystal saga-fun but caused me to massively deflate due to slow leveling up especially in the beginning T.T

    Monkey King-A lot of fun but was kept a bit bored I love everything about the game I just wish they added a couple more characters into the
    game or the bull, fox, and monkey female and male u know gave u a bit of some gender change love the pk madness don't care about the whinershardly a whiner there like heck theres nothing to even complain about as often these days I just work my buns off and have fun in there but its
    just not like wartunes to keep ur brains and ur face stuck to it (Wartunes has become that unavoidable addicting game like Pokémon its a never
    ending game filled more surprises yet to come except where u hit level 80 and snooze or wait for Wartunes to version up or work on ur stats) I
    just think Monkey King just needs one more thing to keep it more addicting I'm still hoping for a better pk game now that might give off more to it I don't know what I'm trying to say almost a bit tired using my hands here typing away. One moment please ........ *Shakes hands fora bit* m k now that I'm done with my little workout I can continue on now be aware kids this chat will be long. T.T

    Knights Fable- flat out boring killed me worse than League of Angels like Gawd where was the appearance change in gears? nowhere so it was a
    huge ugh to my face T.T

    Yitien-in the history books but I have loads of friends there as well so far quite a few players continue all the more for glory so the battle is still
    raging on over there even if there's few players. T.T

    Eternal Saga-its cute fun a bit boring hate the Soul-Mate System would rather break that thing than bother to even use it snobby brat nosed cute kids with money on their hands dumping non-cashers girls for hard core casher girls with more added flavor to em. The more stronger the girl within ranking the more they go into marriage with her other than the person whom they've shared their life with in-game and drop the non-casher
    girl like a flea and treat cashy girl with loads of diamonds of **** it disgusts me all it does is show me how terrible a man might treat u in the
    future.....luckily I already have enough man and girl experience enough to know this. With its silly cute songs it drives me nuts even if I'm in a
    sour mood (never talk to me if im in a sour mood or I may hit the caps lock and rage and want to be alone for a billion yrs yah im like the Grinch who's never been loved but worse will never want to be loved since no one knows how to do that correctly so I sit and watch the idiots do crud
    and try to spend my happy time with friends who try to make me smile which is in Yitien or Blade Hunter).

    Blade Hunter- fun game enjoyable the boring part u lose out on stamina I just love the adrenaline rush of leveling up like crazy and people are
    happy friendly and helpful weird part is I've become somewhat famous there for men to go after me and I run and run like fudge I didn't even
    know I became THAT popular enough to have guys throw themselves at me I was just playing the game with my all too smiley face T.T

    Dragon Pals- played it loved it just a wee bit but it kept making me feel like was about to hurl reminded me too much of the teletubbies which I
    had to get out of at least in a decent way cause I didn't wanna be cruel the game just drives me away from it..

    Broken Realm- sadly it is no longer played as often I liked it but with few players its not that easy I wish it had a bit more updates maybe then I'd go back.

    Wartunes- its fun and not too bad with the help I get from u guys sometimes I think its too serious to the breaking point I gotta do something to make people smile n stuff I may succ terribly and I'm not that cool and I'm just a non-casher sometimes I think in the forums u guys just gotta
    loosen up a wee bit but then again I might get thrown to a wall just for saying it and anyways its summer a day in which u sit outside in ur bikini'son the beach drinking a refreshment or coming up with a fun time with a family or a friend its what I do sadly my 4th of july ended terribly
    couldn't eat burgers or hot dog due to me being sick and puking and had to sit snooze in bed which terrifyingly hard to sleep my body was just no kids don't feel bad at least I can manage to walk around smiling now plus just for the extra bonus fun time I get to do this
    *throws candy at Wraithraiser's face* *runs*

    Wraithraiser:Kayla come back I've got hugely big candy for u (and its gonna hurt) *carries a large boulder* *ties it up in a ribbon* >:P

    Me: nah *runs* :P

    Wraithraiser:*throws it at me* take that!! >:O

    Me:*dodges* ya missed heh heh heh >:P

    Wraithraiser:RAWRR!! *chases kayla down* >:O

    Me: runs so long guys gotta do world boss continue having fun tho
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    I don't want to live a life filled with regrets just because you are uncomfortable around me you have a mouth use it to express how you feel and don't be ashamed of it but if you're going to hide behind my back and get away with it that's where you're wrong T.T

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      You should try playing "real" games and not Flash Games run by R2 the MoneyMonster. (they eat money for fun)


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        you cried in every games you have played.. what is wrong with you?
        “Men trust God by risking rejection. Women trust God by waiting.”