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Say it is not so , No more UGC ?

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  • Say it is not so , No more UGC ?

    Wow what a blow , I do not use credit cards "EVER" for anything online ,So this brings me to a new question are you working on a new game card to replace the Ultimate game card ? I sure hope so as I know MANY players used them. Playspan in the past did not allow more then one account being recharged from same paypal account (family members/ friends accounts in same household) it blocks others from being used with same paypal for recharging. atleast it has in the past for me.

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    Hi poyomon
    Admins said that they were already working in something to replace the UGC, but you can always doubt it,

    In order to buy baens without playspan you need to go to r2 store and close the playspan tab, use paypal or anything else, playspan just sux
    Spamming the forums with many threads will not make you wise.