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    Like the title says I'll like to bring a new concept. Free to pay, what do you think?

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    Title should read Free to pay


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      actually, it is free-to-play. no monthly charge for playing the game, no need to buy the game software.
      but its also obvious that free to play games like this are pay-to-win.
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        its actually not a bad game to free to play. you just have to be patient and know how to lose with dignity which most people dont. you can be fairly successful in all pve situations. you won't be winning class wars but really that is a small portion of the game.

        im in top 20 in br and top 10 in sylph arena for my serv, i also managed to get top 10 in gods descent last month.


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          I think this guy might be defending cashers, saying its their choice..... not sure though


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            People play the way they want to. They can play for free entirely, spend a little bit, like $8 a month for vip and a couple events now and then like me, or spend tons and tons and expect to win.
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