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Catacomb Suggestion

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  • Catacomb Suggestion

    So I was doing catacomb - Freefjord, Level 45+ - and everything was passed easily but when we hit the final BOSS or what I think is the final boss (3rd map with the queen) it was literally IMPOSSIBLE to do. We had a 132K BR, 125K BR and a 150K BR and still couldn't finish it, I'm thinking you guys should nerfed it down a bit due to this game being played constantly and non-cashers won't get anywhere when game's on. Also, if 45 is hard enough, think about 50 and up. Though some players got to Lvl 46 and 47, only due to the fact that they know what they're doing and has people around to help, Alpha isn't particularly helpful.
    Thanks for reading and I hope you consider nerfing some monsters. :P
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    The Catacombs in Wartune are a single player dungeon where the end boss can be beaten with ~40K BR... Somehow I doubt you're talking about Wartune, then?
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      Don't think it's Wartune...