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  • Kyanite

    I personally would like to see us be able to plant more than 1 kyanite at a time...also open the other 3 plots available in the tell us we have to beef up troops in order to do certain things but yet the only way to do so is in academy skills and if you don't have much kyanite for blessing and academy you will almost always pick blessing over academy so please let us plant more.

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    I heard the three slots will be unlocked in the farm soon. I agree that we should plant more than 1 kyanite...


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      The three plot are reserved for the future patch. Marriage system. Once you marry someone their will be a marriage tree in those plots. Both Partners will have the tree. Every day they both can energise it to get something ( Don't know what it is). ( I don't know the exact details for the tree because i forgot where i got the source from)
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