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poison arrow

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  • poison arrow

    is the wrost skill on wartune. is really useless. plz increase it or put a talent for increase many the his dmg. this shoot hit randomly and dmg too few. and opponent is poisoned for few turns

    infact who use this skill is only for fun .

    is useless versus all classes
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    Posin Arrow is pretty good Against PvE Battles.
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      @Krishna6000 : here u r again , saying things u dont know , please if u dont know something , dont just go around and make it obvious that u dont know a **** , POISON ARROW is truely the worts skill ever made , same as shadow thrasher for knight which does what 120 bleed damage ? seriously , i got people in my server with 250-350k HP , is this gonna matter ? if u want these skills to add up like Hades skills or bleeding rune or Amazon queen skills , then buff the damage to make it worthy.

      for the record , i activated it to have DEEP freeze unlocked ONLY


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        If you don't like the skill, don't use it.
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