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accidently sacrificed my sylph

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    Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post

    Fastest way to get blocked from the ticket system is to spam it or harass the people who are answering them. Not only does sending in multiple tickets not get your issue resolved, it slows down support for everyone else.

    No one answers them


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      Denc0 main objective seems to be to find out if someone has gotten it back after a user faulth, and that he want to be treated like the rest. Doubt he would care if everyone who sacrificed the wrong sylph got the same answer.


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        New poster here. But don't be concerned, not a troll or jerk poster. That said, I'm sorry Memory, but this game has the single worst customer service of any business I have done in any part of life. This person should have their sylph returned with ZERO questions or qualms. Just because someone clicks a prompt that is warning doesn't make it the right way to treat your player base. We are human beings who DO make mistakes, we all know this game is full of them.

        So while I respect that you represent R2 and these forums, I don't feel like this company has ANY interest in protecting anything other than their revenue. The irony is IF they treated the player base better with good customer service... they would make MORE. Waaaaay more. I'm sure I am not the first to point this out, but I plan on posting on this forum regularly in the future. I will share some of those ideas as i see them. Thanks for the chance to express myself.
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          i totally agree with u kalyrific


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            Oh damn sorry to hear that. i was too close to do same last week


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              I've had very few positive responses from support. Each time my issues was reported in a professional manner. I had one instance where my issue fell into the user's fault category, when I was away for a while and didn't quite make it back in time to collect items I had in my mailbox. But the rest of the times I've reported issues emerging from their side. The types of responses I've received back range from something along the lines of "fixed, sorry, shouldn't happen again" to "ouch, play the game this way and it shouldn't happen again." Even when it's an issue on their part, I haven't had an instance where they actually undid or somehow compensated me for the issue.

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