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    Originally posted by dukec2 View Post
    that really won't effect the difference between cashers and no-cashers. sure extra fate will add some br but not much. and refining isn't that bad especially pre 80 ( i had all lvl 10's). cashers have more in so many areas (mounts, sylph, clothes, etc..). They should go back to making old mounts/clothes free during events a couple months after original release. about 30-40% increase in fate drop rate. more fashion cores would be nice (though when i hit 25 fishing this wont be a problem). I would say increase whip rate but with past few months, it has been plenty high. An increase in crypt key rate will also be needed within the next year or so to allow non-cashers to get higher lvl gems and run necro more then once a week same with spec and mahra.

    They also need to adjust rewards for events like cw/descent/etc. The rewards are too centered around top few and those who are ranked lower getting the bare minimum of rewards, increasing lower rank rewards will make everyone feel better about their ranking.

    I do like the idea of having a dungeon that matches your strength, would add something interesting.

    my background: no vip pure non-casher. 145k br, LD, with medusa. played for a little over a year now
    Wow! Kudos to you! I'm a casher and I can't even get my toon's BR above 120k+.


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      Originally posted by R215361131 View Post
      just btw ive seen a lot worse cash suckers of games with even less stuff for non cashers this game isnt all that bad lol :P
      Let us know so we know which ones to avoid in the future.