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alt character tracking ( for the wishlist)

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  • alt character tracking ( for the wishlist)

    Just an Idea that would be helpful for the game.

    I would be nice to look at Character and see all alts tied to it as well.

    There are many reasons this would be helpful.
    A main one is its always nice to be able to tell who is who.

    now I am speaking of this showing alts on a single server.
    cross server would also be very cool but I feel it would be hard to do.

    This is kind of a wishlist Idea but let me know what you think.

    Good idea or Bad Idea

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    The TOS has allowed us to make alts. Your idea is partially a bad idea(in my opinion).


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      Alts are allowed (and always have been) under the ToS. The abuse of alts to increase your main character however is "supposedly" against the ToS.

      By showing links between alts and the main character using them, R2 would create the largest "headache" EVER. The amount of tickets that would fly around would be astronomical and totally clog up the current "bad" customer support system

      So for that reason linking alts seems like a VERY BAD idea to me.