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  • Beam of Light exchange

    I have about 130 beam of lights and I was trying to decide what to trade them for. I am really considering trading them for fashion cores just to help with refining my clothes, I all of my clothes identified, don't really have that many clothes. Would I be crazy to not trade them for the wings or a piece of clothing? All of my clothing are at level 2 right now. And I have heard that having your wings past level 2 does not really help that much.

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    Get clothing since you have them only level 2, they are A class which gives good BR when refined Weapon/Armor for knight/archer or Hat/Armor for mage, and with the rest of beams you can get fashion cores.
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      well you can exchange for cores of course, but you need to know that after lvl 3 you can hardly synthesis with a core for lvl up, so better to have more clothing set ready

      but that's your choice~
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