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70 leg--->80 leg: a question that could save balens

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  • 70 leg--->80 leg: a question that could save balens

    as my 70 set nears completion i was wondering when changing the 70 legend to 80 legend, do ur refines stay the same. If they do, then it would be much easier to finish refining for the needed stats b4 evolving since lvl 4 refinement xtals r a pain in the ***.
    IGN- Sylph
    Proficient City s165
    Lvl 80
    light casher
    123k br
    28k br purple 1 star gaia
    crit/block build
    sky trail up to 2-9

  • #2
    No. When you upgrade to the 80 set, the refinement resets randomly. Atleast as I understand it.


    • #3
      no, you'll lose your enchanments, sockets and refinments. Everything starts from 0


      • #4
        Yup, all reset. Refining it is a real b*tch an a half no cheating it.


        • #5
          only way to cheat it is to skip lv 70 legen refining and enchanting those items then u can use once u get lv 80 leg