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Consolidated List of the Most Common Suggestions

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    Originally posted by R268716141 View Post
    lets add tanks. if you quick start with lets say 2 players in the team. please give the option to vote to kick a player. there are constantly players that help opposing teams to win. (usually fellow guild mates) or players going afk and enter just to gain rewards.

    It ruins the fun of tanks and gives a unfair advantage.
    I'd suggest if you don't want this happening, don't start the tanks until you have a full team. I myself lag so much, that at times I'm kicked from tanks (and bg) because it takes me the 5minutes to load in (sometimes). So to stop myself being kicked, I create a team myself and start solo.. then push '1' for dear life lol. On that note, if you 'quickstart', don't complain if you have 'afk' or 'others not trying'.. you could always start with a full team.

    Another thing (sorry for going on).. I personally run in second tanks. You can generally get guild mates to hop in to help if they've already run the first tanks. They don't get rewards, but at least you get a selected team. Good luck and HAVE FUN in tanks

    Can I just add a few suggestions I'm sure are out there, but will post here:

    Ability to hide players on ALL maps
    Higher troops (I've seen this a few times within threads, not sure if anyone has started one)
    Higher guild level (I'm tired of seeing maxed guild level lol)
    Disbanding guilds with 0br at month reset
    Auto kick players gone for 'Very Long' from guilds
    More wild maps (51-60, 61-70, 70+)
    Max lvl100 (you know you want this!)

    I'll edit this when I think of more. I know there are lots floating around in my head, but it's late and my brain's turned off ha ha
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      I've made some updates to the original thread. I added a section called "Changes Implemented" at the bottom. If there's anything I've missed on there please let me know.


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        Originally posted by EsmeWeatherwax View Post
        I approve of this thread. Let me grace it with a sticky.
        do anything but no need bg with br then there will be no fun who can we kill? think of it everyone will just not be able to kill others and it will be no fun.


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          suggestions (aside from what i've already read):
          -afk mode in sylph atoll
          -1-click energize farm tree (energize all friends' trees)
          -1-click harvest crops
          -12h uncommon (green border) seeds cost gold, not balens [i think this will be in a future patch]
          -remove/replace insig/sc/kyanite in bg chest with something better
          -if world prosperity will not be removed ever, then it should also be applied to all regardless of level (pointing out its removal post-60. i intend grab all exp i can post-64, so i'd like to have WP in that case.)
          -9999 stacking of "ALL" items (Shadow crystal,gold chest only have 999 stack, and i have 1k+ of these. idk if there are other items that share the same fate as these two)

          from what i read in numerous posts, i disagree with the ff suggestions:
          -bg by br (leave it as it is, tho i agree in making a separate bg for lvl 80s)
          -tanks 5min re-enter time (especially with the current load issues, no-no.)
          -autokick of very long players in guild (for the 4m guild br req for csgb. easy for established guilds, but this is not our case. only reached 3.9m guild br and it SUX VERY MUCH)

          for the rest, i pretty much more or less to some extent agree, if not fully, with their suggestions.
          S292 Archer level 46
          35k BR (with blessing wheel)
          August 23, 2013 - November 3, 2013 (R.I.P)

          S479 Knight Level 80
          283k BR (blessed), 40k from sylph (02-28-15)
          May 23, 2014 - March 16, 2015 (will return later on)

          Proud non-casher non-VIP


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            there is a thread in Game Discussion which has some suggestion for Guild Management not sure if you want to add those to your list. I know some are already on the list.

            Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.


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              I have a suggestion....FIX the game glitches all over and create a happy playing environment


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                how about a shadow crystal exchange event..?
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                  Let's go point by point.

                  PVP (Battlegrounds/Arena)
                  BG by br...bad idea. Anyone with half a clue would just strip before entering if it's based on instant br or set an alarm to pull gear if it's based on daily rankings. Pity the poor lvl 70 with 132k that forgets to strip and has to deal with my lvl 99 hs if they manage to make it to sylph.
                  LVL 80 BG...This should have been done a year ago.
                  Arena matching...While basing matching off of top player level makes it tough to help out others finding a good alternative is hard. Team br...everyone makes 3 4k alts and has them afk. Avg team lvl...same. No one likes what we have but imagine a group from a new server with a team avg of 50k meeting up with a 200k lvl 80.
                  Tanks...I don't know of anyone that still enjoys tanks after 2 months playing on my server. Replace tanks with an event that fits the game or better yet just do away with it and give everyone 20 runes a day just for logging in(I think that's around the average reward but I do 1 on 1 matchups for 30 a day so I have no clue really).

                  Guild Suggestions
                  Allow Assist GM to call ToA/DA...obvious my GM disappeared and we got stuck without tree and DA for weeks. My guild is still here but we lost players thanks to that.
                  Increase GB#s...On my server only the top guild gets 50 in gb. Increasing the numbers mean there is even less incentive to not merge guilds leading to less competition. Bad idea.
                  Blessing Wheel...Exp books are worthless even if you actually want to level. I'd say a good replacement would be 1 marha, 2 sep, 10k kya as the options with a slightly lowered drop rate would make players very happy.

                  MPD/TOK/Spire and Solo Campaigns
                  LVL 80 solo....duh 2 refinement crystals a day means I'll be running nirvana for 2 years to refine the gear.
                  Summoner in 70/80...For 70 this makes sense now. For 80 you already get 14-22 leg stones just from Nirvana, where are you going to get the 96 mil gold per piece to enchant if you get them faster?
                  Turn off world pros... =let campers get more items. Sure why not? BG from 60-70 is worthless thanks to the hs nerf anyway now.
                  Help in ToK...Pros: people can actually get their tok done with a full team. Cons: more little people asking us high level players to carry them through instead of building up like we had to.

                  Equipment, Inventory and Farming
                  Lowering inventory cost...This should have been done when vouchers went away. I've spent too much money on bag space when people that started a couple months before me got it for free.
                  Multiple kya seeds...Yes, I have 3 months worth of 12 hour kya seeds(assuming I can use 2 a day). IDC if someone who just started playing builds up kya faster, it's part of the evolution of a game.
                  Synth leg stone...This makes sense to me.

                  Quests (Circuits, Events, etc.)
                  Skip abandon circuits...Yes but with a decent CD. Although I wouldn't mind refreshing till I get astral/contrib quests and never have to hunt sylphs in atol 4 again.
                  Collect All Button For Events...No brainer.

                  Auction house...good idea as long as there is a system to prevent abuse
                  Cash vs no cash servers...never gonna happen. No one is going to make a completely free server for you to play on out of the goodness of their hearts. That said adding some ranking based on balens spent would keep the interest of the no and low cashers. One suggestion is a ranking in wb(rewards no needed) that shows how you do based on the amount of balens spent. Someone that does a 10% balen boost would lose 10% of their score in this area allowing ppl like me that think max balens in every wb are a waste to see how their toon actually is doing.

                  Hero and Sylph
                  Change Class...most likely coming when children come out
                  Change Gender....Why not with balens which leads to more spending for the needed name change.
                  Change Server...Only to transfer time zones with a limit on server start date. It would be interesting to see how many people would jump to a brand new server just to have new friends though.
                  1-Click Blessing Wheel...Another no brainer. Why do we have to waste up to 5 minutes watching that spin instead of doing something useful in game.
                  Convert star tear...Not anytime soon. Transformed sylphs are still fairly new. These don't need to be nerfed just yet.

                  Chat System
                  Allow us to just hide yellow system announcements...problem fixed.
                  Not listed...The light announcement should only show to those in wilds.

                  Changes Implemented
                  Shadow souls...ty
                  Sylph atol teleport...idk anyone that's used this
                  Fewer circuit quests...While the reduction of kills from 10 to 10 and sometimes 5 is a step in the right direction it doesn't address the real issue. CQ currently take 12-16 hours a week to complete which is insane for the rewards given. When paired with the releveling of cata mobs making bounties much more time consuming and the addition of wilds, marriage quests, DI and sky trails since CQ were released this part of the game is worthless to anyone with a job. Even if the overall number of attempts was dropped from 200 to 100 with SC every 5 and boxes evey 25 levels there would still be a lot of players that struggle to complete this each week. I personally haven't done all 200 attempts since wilds came out(50 is my weekly target now) and I have more play time than most.
                  Increase stack size...90% success but star sands, gold chest, skele keys, and mount hooves(to name a few) don't stack passed 999. As I haven't been able to exchange SC for over a month and we have no whip event announced on any platform I am beginning to run into and inventory issue again.


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                    Here's my list of suggestions:

                    If lazy to direct to the page, then is alright I got it here:

                    " Post Title: Great game and possible improvements
                    The game events such as World Boss, wilds hunting, battleground and minigames are awesome but it has to come with synchronizing timing with players across all the over world. After the marriage system update, the game seems to be abit more romantic, with items like soul crystals becoming easier to obtain, yet lacks the necessity to include those who are free to play.

                    For the time being, here are some suggestions that may interest many players:
                    1. Lvl 50 sylph atoll.. can it be improved such that the yield of drops is either greater, a way to blitz them using gold/daru and a possibility of better drops of items
                    (i.e. sylph scroll, mahra, sepulcrum)
                    2. Chest drops from monsters in solo campaigns.. most of the time if not all.. monsters killed in these dungeons don't drop anything at all
                    3. Lvl 50 legend stones should be synthesizable from lvl 40 stones in ratio (1:10)
                    4. Bound and unbound system of items when stacked is ridiculous and not player friendly... pls look into this
                    5. More minigames like pong 1v1 game random matchup with friends on same server (rewards is for you to decide)
                    6. Wilds hunting:
                    - a minimap for all players (show the trail that has been covered by hero travelling across the wilds map and a marker to locate the hero's position) -> purchased at 5,000 gold to show up daily
                    - radar can be purchased at 200 kyanite or 2,000 daru per use (players can turn filters such as non-/elite monsters and bosses on or off depending on what they are searching for; upon use, the minimap will have red spots flash to show where the monsters are found for about 1-2 seconds before going off)
                    7. For free to play, chest drops shouldn't drop items that require unbound balens to open. Roses or bound balens can be in place since they are rare items that are harder to be obtained
                    8. Battleground is imbalanced in terms of battle rating even across a range of levels. I've seen a lvl 45 with 45-60k BR...
                    Possibly regulate the battleground to say that if being plundered more than 5 times, player obtains protection buff until
                    s/he wins another player. Dryads blessing can still continue to take effect, this time with an increase possibility of a superior yield (+30pts and 3 bg shards)
                    9. Shadow crystals - can these have more uses? I know many players don't complete guild quest bcos of too much exp given to them.
                    How about enabling shadow crystals for wilds shop exchange... and also make into a synthesizing material for amethyst or a shadow chest with nice rewards inside (rewards is for you to decide) If not, then at least have an event for exchanging of shadow crystals for something good
                    10. Items such as 1 mount whip from guild bless and 1 balen from fishing should have been more in quantity. Try giving a rounded number, bcos I don't see why soul crystals can come in 10 at a time from chest drops and circuit quest, while these rare items cannot
                    11. Add very rare items: Major Hp pack, extreme stamina potion, crypt keys, resistance crystal shards into arena league shop

                    Pls review my post and tell me what you think.. thx ^.^ "
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                    "Why so glum? As if you ate a sour plum,
                    Why so grim? I think you need some pimple cream,
                    Why so serious? :-o "

                    "Game disappointment? If the game won't change, then just change your game! (you play)"


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                      Lets try some simple ones:

                      There are settings that are set by the player. Why does the game change these settings?? I know how to turn on "refuse party invite" and "refuse invitations". I don't need the game to change these settings simply because i do not accept every one that someone sends me. There are players i will stop and help no matter what i'm doing and there are players i refuse to help. This is my choice not Wartunes choice or at least it should be.

                      There should be a way to identify guild members in friends list, invites and farm friends list. Something simple like a color change on the name or a symbol beside it. I'm fairly new to this but i've been in 3 guilds already. Thats 3 lists of 200+ names each that are constantly changing.


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                        Good list but you may as well call it "list of suggestions that will never be taken in consideration/never to be implemented"


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                          How about you guys do something about the most important "suggestion" and fix the freaking lag instead of stacking more and more useless stuff into the game? Any time there's 10 or more toons on the screen at once the game slows down to such a crawl it's like you're playing a screenshot. Now take a wild guess as to what this means when you're in a guild battle with 50+ toons on screen at same time?


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                            from a personal and server point of view how about making atoll boss a bit more fair for the rest of the server by making it that if you come 1st you become ineligible for the rest of the days atoll bosses cause at the mo on the server im on its the same team coming 1st again and again and again making it a waste of time for the rest of the server to even bother trying give people a bit more of an incentive to do atoll boss cause a few times in the last few days there is not enough people doing atoll boss for the last hit winners to even get rewards cause they know they don't stand a chance at winning it while the team that keeps winning holds the titles almost permanently


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                              only thing i can think of after having some vodka is allowing you to pick and choose what clothing you want to show... eg if you only want show wing while wearing normal gear, or having a normal gear but a pumkin head


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                                Iwould say thumbs up for lowering the cost of unlocking inventory. I feel great when I spend money to have a new look or more BR, but uncomfortable when I would have to spend a lot on inventory space. Anyways thanks for looking at suggestions.