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Vault Space upgrade

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  • Vault Space upgrade

    Hy - as many of you guys - player of all wartune servers - cashers, non cashers, low lv , high lv - have comon problem - vault space. even if we have maximized it already - bag vault space and guild vault space.
    Because with all those events - even with new clothes to keep - don't have so much space.
    Wanted to ask that they give us more vault space - like max stacking of items go from 999( what now) to 9999. or give us double space in guild vault and character vault.
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    And wartune is not rpg - its more Political game

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    Easier would be for R2 to bring 9999 stacks, but no. Why ? because they want to milk every little thing from players with inventory unlocking and those many collectable things from events. So i doubt they will bring something to increase your inventory.
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      they should decrease the unlock price to 1/20 ratio and bring the 9999 stacks , this will solve a lot of space problems , but like sunshinc said : they want to force u to spend every single cent u got