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Is more gambling better for the game?

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  • Is more gambling better for the game?

    Over the past few hot events it is becoming clear that hot events are going more towards the gambling/luck based system over the reward for hard work system. What I mean by this is that in all previous events you get an event item for completing a hot event. These hot items made is easy for people to predict on what they could get from the exchange and make determine if it is worth their hard time to do something. However, with the invention of giving out boxes, which you can buy in the shop, it has become more of a gamble for what ever one wants from the hot event exchange. For example, I have done all hot events i can and gotten 35 sunshine packs. Now if this was on the reward for hard work system, i would be able to get one piece of clothing from the exchange. However, with the gambling system I have a highly improbable chance of getting a piece of clothing because on conservative side rays of sunshine have a 50% drop rate, which would mean approximately 18 rays of sunshine from those 35 packs.

    SO i want to know what people think. Is the trade off from the hard work system to the gambling system better or worse for everyone?

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    worse ... dot dot


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      You also have a chance to get 35 mounts.


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        you wouldn't say that if you knew my luck.


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          Worse for us as the consumer, better for R2. People will buy a few of these packs at a time, get nothing, then buy more to get what they want. They will keep doing that until they are satisfied.
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            Originally posted by winlord View Post
            You also have a chance to get 35 mounts.
            key word being CHANCE. However, it is extrmely improbable for anyone to get a mount from all chests. Chance is so small it is practically 0.


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              Events suck, I barely got 200 token during the Frost Bear event... 100 tokens short because stupid Boxes won't give me event tokens, got **** out of them. It's like 75% are GOLD... it sucks.

              This month event, **** too.

              Got like 50% on GOLD, 25% on 2xWhip, 5% event token, and rest random, haven't gotten any system announcement big reward yet.

              I got 8 more chest to open... that's it... and I only got 10 beam of light currently... no where near 30 for 1 piece of clothing even if the rest of chest gives me beam of light... event sucks


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                Gambling is nice, but too much of it and I get tired of it.... also want things that are easier to obtain aswell.


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                  much worse as i never get anything good from these chests
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